Working Group Sustainability

Head: Stefan Göddertz (Herzog de Meuron), Prof. Dr. Martien Teich (Munich University of Applied Sciences), Michael Elstner (AGC Glass Europe)

In the context of the circular economy, the sustainability working group is currently addressing the topic of the reuse and recycling of installed glass. The focus is on the practical implementation, gaining knowledge and experience regarding “re-use” and “re-manufacturing”. Existing glass is removed, evaluated and processed by the member companies into new glass products, which are then tested. The results are published in regular interim reports and presented at conferences.

The working groups work on the development of technical criteria and recommendations for action for the sustainable reuse and recycling of glass as well as on the ecological assessment of various practical reuse scenarios in construction. Networking with other associations, exchanges with building supervisory authorities and participation in standardization committees are also important.

Employees from universities, façade manufacturers, planning companies and the supplier industry are represented in the working group.

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